Repair service for shuttering profiles

The Weckenmann repair service repairs and eliminates signs of wear and use to make shuttering profiles as good as new.

Shuttering profiles are the "heart" of a precast concrete plant. Premium-quality precast parts can only be produced with high-quality moulds. Therefore, we recommend checking shuttering profiles regularly and repairing them properly when necessary. It is profitable because repairs are often cheaper than buying a new shuttering profile.

Experienced professionals repair used and worn shuttering profiles in the shuttering profile repair service at our Dormettingen factory. Deformation, unevenness, reduced adhesive force in built-in magnets, damaged automatic switching equipment and other defects are eliminated by us. The shuttering profiles are brought back into tip-top shape and, if necessary, fitted with new parts. We also check the adhesive force of the magnets and replace them if the damage is too great.

Dimensional inaccuracies and jagged edges on precast concrete parts and the resulting refinishing work on the construction site can be avoided when using our repair service. The functionality and the quality of shuttering profiles are completely restored.

We repair the following:

  • Deformation

  • Unevenness

  • Restore reduced adhesive force in the integrated magnets

  • Switch mechanism

  • Etc.

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