The flexible production concept with its manufacturing cells to be customised is ideal for getting started with the production of precast concrete parts. Stationary production facilities consist of stationary casting beds, stationary moulds or tilting tables. Weckenmann manufactures a whole range of proven technical variants for the production of diverse precast concrete parts.

The flexible production concept with customizable production islands.

Whoever needs to produce a wide product range of precast concrete parts with different shuttering concepts can go the route of stationary production based on the principle of cell production. The individual types of formwork (stationary casting bed, tilting table, vibrating table, battery mould, mould for columns and beams, staircase formwork) are organisationally grouped together and the material flow of fresh concrete and reinforcement bars is planned accordingly. Although stationary production facilities have a lower output per hour than circulation systems, they allow more flexible production programmes.

Single-item production of precast concrete parts is consolidated in a uniform and efficient production concept. Weckenmann stationary production comprises the entire concrete supply, from the mixing plant by means of a bucket conveyor to the individual manufacturing cells. The consistent and continuous design of the production process, including the planning of material buffers, is the alpha and omega of this concept: concrete dosage > concrete compaction > formwork handling > transport of the precast concrete parts by means of run-off technology and special stacking frames > loading directly onto the truck.

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