Concrete transport system

Concrete transportation inside the precast concrete plant is a key link between the mixing plant and the concrete spreader. It guarantees that the fresh concrete reaches the place where it is needed without losing time.

A smooth concrete transport process inside the precast concrete plant is crucial for the high output of precast concrete parts. Our systems supply fresh concrete in good condition quickly and just in time to the relevant circulation system or stationary casting bed production plant, where it is distributed by the concrete spreader without compromising the Quality.

Bucket conveyor

A bucket conveyor communicates with the concrete mixing plant controller and the concrete spreader if it is incorporated in a circulation system controller with a main computer. The rail-mounted transport system (single or double rail) in combination with the maintenance-free power car of the bucket conveyor substantially equalises the transport logistics in the precast concrete plant. The proven Weckenmann carriage design with rotating bucket enables the clean transfer of concrete.

Concrete transport bucket

For the floor-bound transport of fresh concrete from the mixing plant to the production plant, Weckenmann supplies forklift attachment buckets and crane buckets with manually or hydraulically actuated opening slides for smooth concrete transportation.

Intermediate silos

Intermediate silos act as buffers for the fresh concrete between mixing plant and concrete distributor. Its connection to the concrete spreader controller and the mixing plant controller enables our intermediate silos to ensure the smooth supply of concrete even in case of a changing concrete requirement.

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