Magnetically fixable fastening system for wooden formwork

The magnetic carrier system for wood shutters, for manufacturing diverse products in individual customer specifications. X-UNI consists of a bolted on adapter in combination with a switchable magnet box and tool free eccentric clamps for a quick attachment.

If the versatility of the formwork variations does not allow for the use of a steel shuttering system, one can still proceed with a magnetic positioning and fixing system.

The X-Uni Series includes an adapter system, with which wooden formwork panels can be safely positioned with the aid of Magnetboxes M.

The system consists of bolt-on adapters which are secured on the Magnetbox M using screws and then on the formwork panels.

The adapter system is connected with the use of a tappet spanner, ensuring a safe and quick operation.

Individual variations and other dimensions are manufactured on request.


Technical facts

X-Uni for shuttering height

100 - 200 mm

X-Uni for shuttering height

200 - 300 mm

X-Uni for shuttering height

300 - 400 mm

Magnetbox attachment

Wood attachment

Case studies

Facade elements

Solid slab

Solid wall

Sandwich wall

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