Facts & Figures

The largest and most modern precast concrete plants worldwide have been built with Weckenmann technology.

A small blacksmith’s shop founded in 1930 by Hermann Heller is the origin of Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG. In 1957 Paul Weckenmann transformed the craftsman's workshop of his father in law into a metal engineering workshop and a few years later started with the production of equipment for the precast concrete industry. From this base his sons Wolfgang and Hermann Weckenmann built up the company as it stands today.

" Peak performance for the international concrete industry. "

Today Weckenmann is a leading manufacturer and developer of plant systems for the manufacturing of two dimensional and structural precast concrete elements that are used in residential and industrial construction. Since its founding, the head office of the successful family business has been located in Dormettingen at the edge of the Swabian Alps. A sister company is situated in Staßfurt.

Production facilities with integrated construction, production, planning and controlling systems exist at both locations.

Technology Leader "Precast Concrete"

The development of the first computer-controlled shuttering robot in the world (1991) is just one of the outstanding achievements resulting from our research.

Weckenmann technology paves the path for an immediate future, in which the majority of people around the world will live for the first time in urban environments: constructing the future.


Founded in 1957

More than 140 employees at Headquarter in Dormettingen

More than 12.000 m² production area

Annual turnover: approx. 23 million EUR in 2018

Export share: approx. 80%

Renowned, global customers

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