Consulting construction systems (low-cost housing)

Consulting building systems

There is a great need for affordable housing worldwide. Especially in urban and metropolitan areas.

In large parts of the world, the demand for low-cost housing is very high. The objective is to find a cost-effective solution for the construction of residential housing. This demand is due to population growth, but also to recurring crises such as wars, earthquakes and many other types of disasters. The need for housing is also the result of changing demands in the housing situation in General.



There are different methods of construction and various building materials that are suitable for the creation of residential housing. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Based on experiences in Europe, building with precast concrete parts can be considered an ideal alternative when the required quantity is correspondingly high and when the planning is consistently tailored to this design and construction method from the outset.

In cooperation with various design offices, Weckenmann develops building systems, which are based on the precast concrete technology and adapted to the respective needs.

Low Cost Housing

Scope of services 

Our offers:

  • Basic version design catalogue (assembly plans and production plans)

  • Adaptation of design and planning documents to general conditions and local demands

  • Optimisation of the production plant (formwork, concrete supply and delivery, crane, storage place, loading)

  • Support with commissioning of production

  • Initial training of employees in production

  • Optimisation of production scheduling and production processes

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