Economic transversal formwork profiles made of special steel for the production of floor slabs and double walls.

Easy to handle manually, optional with integrated switchable magnets for the use with a formwork robot.

Fast and exact shuttering of floor slabs and double walls is made possible by the A-SERIES formwork system, tried and tested for over 25 years. Integrated switchable magnets or separately inserted magnets ensure a solid connection to the formwork table.

Built-in spring sets in the integrated switchable magnets prevent floating of the profiles. In the case of the separately positioned magnets optionally pressed in corrugated locking canulars fulfill this function as well. Type AU slide-over profiles serve as telescopic extensions of formwork profiles up to a shuttering height of 80 mm.


Special transversal shutters for floor slab manufacturing with recesses in the transversal shutter for the steel reinforcing.

The transversal shuttering profiles are fastened by ML 3000 magnet strips, double-sided perforated plates and pins or eccentric clamps.

Individual variations and other dimensions are manufactured on request.


Technical facts


60 - 140 mm


56, 58 or 60 mm


500 - 4.000 mm

Dual sided usage


Integrated switchable magnets

Options and variants

Magnetic fixing

For straight steel reinforcement bars

Perforated plate

For bent steel reinforcement bars

Perforated plate

For straight steel reinforcement bars

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