Floor slabs and the first shell of double walls can be lifted, relocated or transported quickly and safely with the lifting device.

Lifting devices are used in various production areas to lift the precast concrete parts out of the shuttering pallet. Weckenmann basically supplies three types of lifting devices:


Lifting devices for floor slabs

They allow the early demoulding of ceiling elements or floor slabs and so contribute to shorter cycle times in the production of precast concrete parts.

The finished precast concrete parts need to lifted with great care to prevent them from getting damaged. The Weckenmann lifting devices are designed with exactly this in mind. In the production of floor slabs, 16 spring-loaded hooks engage the top chord of the lattice girder and ensure optimal load balancing. Motorised mobile lifting beams allow one person to operate the device. The speed of the travelling and lifting movements can be variably adjusted.


Lifting devices for the first shell of a double wall

Our lifting devices also facilitate the quick and safe lifting of the first shell of the double wall elements to turn them into the second shell. The objective is for the shells to be demoulded with great care and to be safely turned on a vacuum turning device or turning table.


Lifting devices for solid parts

To lift solid walls and slabs in horizontal and vertical production positions, Weckenmann supplies a wide range of lifting cross-beams with load balancing.

The technical material flow design of the lifting devices is determined by the respective production plant concept. We adapt the design of the lifting devices to the production plant to the desired material flow.

  • Lifting devices in bridge design are used in the ​​pallet circulation system section.

  • In the stationary production section, gantry lifting devices that provide a smooth flow of materials in combination with track-mounted run-off trucks can also be used.

  • Weckenmann also supplies adaptable lifting devices for existing crane bridges, which can be used for lifting in addition to other functions.

Technical facts

Loading capacity

up to 12 to

Span widths of the crane bridges

up to 30 m

Lifting height

up to 5 m

Options and variants

Turning gear for the lifting beam for different lattice girder directions (lengthwise/transverse)

Remote control

Solutions for semi-automatic transport from the demoulding station to the storage area

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