Circulation components in a circulation system provide the smooth, perfectly synchronised transport of the shuttering pallets in a precast concrete production plant.

In the manufacture of precast concrete parts, Weckenmann pallet circulation systems ensure a smooth, automated production process in which the individual process steps are seamlessly linked together.

The precisely planned, logical workflow ensures optimal material flow between the individual operations. This brings significant improvement to workplace ergonomics while simultaneously minimising and coordinating cycle times. With a well-planned pallet circulation system we create better workplace conditions and reduce the unit costs for the individual precast concrete parts.

The shuttering pallets are powered with roller blocks. Longitudinal transport takes place with friction wheels and cross-lifting trucks are used for transverse transport. The spatial density of the shuttering pallets in the curing phase depends on the type of plant and placement is done either by stacker crane or the storage and retrieval system.

Our pallet circulation systems are controlled using a circulation control system in conjunction with a main computer. The control system allows production estimation (planning forecast) according to different criteria such as the subsequent relocation sequence on the construction site or cycle time alignment through the grouping of similar precast concrete parts.

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