Weckenmann concrete spreader systems are designed for fast and accurate filling of various types of moulds with all kinds of concrete. The gravimatic technology we developed provides significantly improved fully automated dosing of fresh concrete. Gravimatic is globally unique and patented.

Regardless of whether the concrete is earth-moist or self-compacting, we have the right discharge system for every application:

  • Conveyor worm: from earth-moist to plastic concrete

  • Slide-spiked roller: from plastic to self-compacting concrete consistencies

  • Belt conveyor: for earth-moist types of concrete

  • Gravity discharge: for free-flowing types of concrete

The concrete spreader can be operated on the crane as well as with its own integrated drive system. Depending on the requirements, gantry, half-gantry or bridge chassis systems are used. The working and travel speeds are infinitely adjustable to ensure quality and efficiency. Weckenmann machines prove themselves day after day because they are uncompromisingly designed for durability and reliability.

We always recommend an automatically controlled concrete spreader for the optimum production of prefabricated concrete parts. This allows the exact discharge of the concrete in the right amount, thus saving concrete.


Technical facts

Bucket volume

up to 6 m³

Span widths

up to 30 m

Bucket discharge widths

up to 3 m

Dosing volumes

from 0.1 up to 5 m³/min

Options and variants

Transversal travel unit for gantry chassis

the machine uses it to automatically travel from one lane to another and underneath the concrete spreader

Distribution roller

it mixes the concrete in the container and assists with the concrete flow

Bucket lining

it reduces the build-up of concrete sticking to the bucket wall

Remote control

it facilitates machine operation

Hinged or flange-mounted dosing unit

for easier cleaning and maintenance

Levelling device

to ensure that the element surface has the correct level

Turning gear

for the horizontal rotation of the bucket when both flat and bar-shaped parts have to be produced

Lifting gear

for adjustment to different component thicknesses or also to reduce the concrete spreading height

Roughening device

required for the production of floor slabs

Weight measurement

to determine the weight of the bucket contents and necessary for automation


the CAD / CAM control system determines the required amount of concrete and automatically spreads the concrete according to defined weight and lane parameters into the mould

Branch line

for removable bucket or direct filling below the mixing plant

Double bucket

for coloured and grey concrete

Workstation lighting, cleaning door, central lubrication

Concrete compaction units

adapted to the recast concrete part

Surface finishing tools

matched to the precast concrete part

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